Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A few Creations

Here are a few things I completed recently!

A really lovely pink and white wall or baby quilt. It currently has no recipient and so it gets tucked away either to sell or give. It almost had no recipient EVER! I had washed it one night last week after finishing it and then threw it in the dryer as usual. In the morning I got it out of the dryer. To my horror, it was COVERED in tiny black specks - all over! I was so upset. After I got over the shock, I decided to try washing it. I had very little hope. After two washes it was gone! I am pretty sure it was the dryer and something to do with its unbalanced load. So that's why you see it hanging in a bathroom - drying NOT in the dryer.

I made these adorable soft baby blocks for a sweet friend having twins about a week and a half ago. I used the tutorial on Moda Bake Shop, but left off the tags. They were adorable. I haven't seen her since I gave the gift bag to her husband. I hope she loved them and that the babies will someday enjoy them!

I just finished quilting another baby boy quilt for a friend of mine. I need to make the binding and attach it. Then I have to wash it. And dry it??????? I really like the softness the dryer gives it, but I'm scared! Maybe I can borrow a dryer :)