Thursday, October 11, 2012

Should I even attempt to begin again?

Well, I must say I have been toying with the idea of blogging again. I was just today inspired once again by a dear group of my blogging friends - thanks ladies, it think. I have been pondering it for a while, but of course I am nagged by doubts and questions. So I put it off and put it off and put it off. And before you know it, years have gone by! My muddled and messy head ponders.......

Do I really have time for it?

Am I called to do it? What does God want me to do?

Is it only one more distraction in my already distracted, media saturated life?

Do I continue this blog or scrap it start over?

Does anyone really want to read my blog? Really?

Would I really rather just quilt? Hmmmm.

For a long time I have felt that I have neither the time nor the energy to write a blog and be a "productive" blog writer (whatever that is). But I always did enjoy it. I have always enjoyed putting my thoughts on paper, profound or not. But so often I feel there is so much I am not doing, that I SHOULD be doing as a mom, wife, homemaker, homeschooler. How can I add back blogging? Should I add back blogging?

So here is my plan. Be patient with me and we'll see if I can make it work.

1. Since I don't have a whole lot of coherent thoughts to share most days, I will schedule myself a weekly blogging day and also limit myself to no mo than two posts a week.

2. I will not obsess over perfect photos, formats, etc. Just write and add decent photos.

Think I can do it? Who knows. It will be my experiment.

Welcome back!

Here's a photos of my newest project to make you smile.

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