Thursday, March 28, 2013

THE Easter Bunny

Born last year on Easter Sunday.


LARGE birds

Very Huge Birds!

Yes, we were on our way home from A SCOUTING LESSON ON BIRDS THAT I TAUGHT! We decided to stop by the house where Brian was putting out his Realtor for sale sign. Just around the corner from that house, we pulled over and switched kids in cars, etc. As we were in front of some random person's home, we looked up and saw these very large, very unidentifiable birds in a big pine tree. I searched the Internet all evening to no avail. The next morning I got my Texas Birds book out of the car from the night before and began to search some more. There I found what I thought might be the winner. We went back yesterday afternoon to photograph them with the good camera. Sure enough we have a match!

A Yellow Crowned Night Heron!


Feed the hungry

We have been meaning to do this forever! There are always men and women begging on the street corners around our stomping grounds. Sometimes I have no cash. Sometimes I struggle with how much to give.

We had been wanting to buy gift cards to hand out, but you know how sometimes it takes a while to make an idea actually happen.

But every time, even more so in the past months, that I see a beggar my heart hurts and the words of Jesus nag at my heart. Did I see Him hungry and feed him? Or not? It doesn't matter who that person is, or how needy he may or may not be. Just feed them. Feed his sheep.

The other day we bought McDonald's gift card packs at Kroger. It was important to us that they be used for food. We thought of getting Kroger grocery gift cards, but they can still be used for alcoholic beverages. So, while McDonald's may not be the epitome of health food, we know they can get several meals this way.

The kids helped write a Scripture verse this morning on little slips of paper and we put those and the gift cards in envelopes. These will all go in the Suburban. We are so excited to bless someone soon!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break

Well, let me clarify the term Spring Break this year. Yes, it was a break from our normal school routine, but it was not the Spring Break of fun outings and activities. It was a Spring Break work week.

We have been needing to do a kids bedroom switcheroo for a while now. We have been thinking and planning, discussing and mulling. There just hasn't been a very good time to set the plans into motion. Plus, I have had this odd fear of painting walls for a long time now. Not sure why. Just felt intimidated by it. Still, I really didn't feel like paying someone to do it. So, the week before Spring Break one of those "it's time to do it" moments struck and I decided I would learn how to paint and move rooms over Spring Break. And I did!

Brian was to be out of town for three days so, the Sunday before he left, I had him help me move the bunk beds across the landing to what has been the green nursery for two and a half years now. This was the only piece of furniture I knew I couldn't move by myself or with Jacob's help. This nursery was already a lovely shade of green and it stayed that color. We moved the bunk beds in there for Braden and Michael. At some point during the week I moved in the matching dresser that has been in Nicole's room and dismantled the baby bed. I also reorganized the closet and moved the changing table to Nicole's new closet. Added a few wall items that had been in the boys bathroom, moved in the Legos and....... Ta da! A new little boys' bedroom. They are loving it!

Then it was time to begin painting. I emptied Nicole's old pink room of everything that belonged to her and shifted it to the game room. I organized the closet in there for the boys. This room is on one side of the stairs directly across from the green bedroom. They share a smaller bathroom and use another full bath downstairs. (Oh, yes, in the process I also switched their bathrooms around). Since Jacob and Andrew weren't keen on the pink walls already there, I repainted with a wonderful shade of blue. I love it and so do they. My friend Kris came and helped a bit with the painting that night and overall I was pleased with how it turned out for my first time to paint EVER. Wonderful color! Moved Jacob's bed in and hung a few things. They got the two dressers that the three older boys had been stuffed into in the old room and then I moved in a desk that goes with it that had been in the game room holding my other sewing machine. I got the junky dresser that had been in Nicole's room. They have so much more space! Andrew has been sleeping on a camping cot until we decide what to do for his bed. He doesn't mind.

THEN....after emptying the boys old room of all their stuff (already had Nicole's stuff in the new closet), I wiped down the grungy builder's white walls and painted it pink again. Actually the old pink was a lovely shade from Sherwin Williams. At Lowes the week before I picked out a pink sample to bring home for Nicole. Of ALL THE PINKS on the wall, I came home with the one sample of the exact match. Go figure. She was a happy camper. Once painted, I moved in her bed and new old dresser from the game room and all her other stuff! I gave her the glider rocker, ottoman and little table that had been in the nursery. Loves it! She arranged all her AG stuff in a corner. I still have a new white bookshelf to put together for her since she needs more storage in here. She still has some boxes of things in the game room to organize once she has the shelf and necessary bins, etc. I also brought in from garage storage my old doll house that my parents made me and all the little treasures that go inside. Happy girl. I was much more pleased with my painting in here for the second round. I had another sweet friend, Heather, help me too!

It was a whirlwind week! But I did it! I am so glad I did the painting myself. I am no longer afraid. It was a huge undertaking. The moving of furniture and logistics was a killer. The moving and painting together made me crippled and sore. I had a lot of adrenaline on those days of work to push me forward, but Saturday, once I finally slowed down, it began to hit me. I took a nice nap today.

I am so pleased with how much more space everyone has. It must be a better use of the bedrooms than previously.

I think I am ready to get back to a normal school schedule week now. I told Brian that maybe now that we are back to doing school, I can finally sew. Last week I couldn't even find my sewing machine!

I feel so blessed to have such a lovely home and I am so thankful for all God has blessed us with.

Hope your Spring Break was wonderful!



St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you! Cookies and stories here.



Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Cake I did for the EPIC Team 3.0 for last Friday's celebrate meeting. Fun!

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Saturday, March 02, 2013

There's miracles and then there's miracles

Night before a baby shower for a special friend.

The miracle?

The multiplication of the buttercream icing.

Nuff said.

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