Thursday, June 26, 2008

You know it is serious when...

one of your favorite emails for the week was the one from Blue Bell Ice Cream announcing their newest flavor!

I really pity you people who don't have access to Blue Bell.

Jacob is...

...eating desserts and pasta.

...on the sofa reading for most of the day.

...playing Legos when he's not reading.

...climbing like a monkey (in the house).

...playing for hours in the heat with his best friend down the street.

...taking care of and playing with his little brother, Mikey.

...baking Butter Pecan Peach Cake.

...laughing so contagiously, that you can't help laughing yourself. boy.

Friday, June 20, 2008

So me.

A day or two ago, Blair had included something in one of her blog posts about what is "SO me!" I liked what she shared and as I have been puttering around the house and planning some sewing projects, I thought I would share what is "SO me!"

A lovely serving bowl I picked up at a garage sale this morning. It's not terribly old, but oh, so pretty and worn looking.

Two pillows in progress for the sofas. They are made from a vintage tablecloth I bought online. I need more stuffing.

Some other fabrics in my stash and some red rick rack that may become another sofa pillow.

My little corner by the kitchen sink. I LOVE MY LAMP! The jar is usually full of fat peppermints but I keep forgetting to buy more.

To the left of my sofa. Coasters I made, my antique set of shakers and a little spoon rest where we put our coffee spoon.

To the right of my stove. My old crock with a mix of new and antique. My antique salt and peppers - two sets (I have more). My old aluminum spoon rest.

I know these are just things. And things don't make us happy. But they make me smile. They add warmth and joy and brightness to my home. They are me.

I would love to see some others follow suit and create a similar post. We all have a style and hopefully we can all fill our homes with things we love and that make it a "home."

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Would anybody like a nice blue Dodge minivan complete with four car seats?

Well, sorry! You missed your chance today.

At the mall around lunchtime today mine was free for the taking.

Now, lest you think I am crazy, let me reassure you I did carefully lock the doors. I know I did. I just didn't close all the doors. Minor detail.

As we approached the car, we noticed the door wide open and marvelled that the van was untouched. We marvelled some more and said a really long prayer of Thanksgiving.

Either we have really cool, super duper Guardian Angels or there just isn't much demand out there for old Dodge minivans.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tonight I said Good-bye

This evening I said good-bye to my best friend. I know this statement makes it sound as though I've lost my dear Robin to a cross country move or worse. In actuality, she and her family are moving only 30 minutes away. But this is my best friend who for the past eight and a half years has lived across the street.

I remember meeting Bill and Robin the first time. They had recently moved in and on a fall day they, a young married couple with no children (just like us), were outside in their front yard with their new puppy. We walked down and introduced ourselves. In a short amount of time we realized we had been living in the same apartment complex for months! (So had Michele - I knew that.)

I remember as we became friends, having them over for dessert or dinner.

I remember their puppy and our new puppy racing around our kitchen late one night as we all played a board game together.

I remember an early outing with Robin - going to Garden Ridge together while Bill was out of town!

I remember them coming by the house as they left to go out of town to meet our first baby Jacob, just days old.

I remember Robin being on bed rest when she was pregnant with Alex. I would come entertain her (he he) and that was when I got her involved in rubber stamping (I know you love me, Bill).

Out very first camp out (was that the only one?). What fun!

Such early memories!

And then there were the many quilting nights when Robin or I would carry our sewing machine across the street and work till midnight. We always laughed at what we must look like crossing the street with sewing machines.

And the coffee nights. One of us would come across the street after the kids were in bed. We'd sit and sip and laugh and even whine. Sometimes we'd swap both ways. Robin and I would enjoy coffee at one house while Bill and Brian would have a beer out by the fire pit! Too fun!

And the Bible study down the street that Robin and I agreed to BOTH go to. As a result we made beautiful friends and learned so much!

And the countless times when we would stop by and swap Gatorade or Pedialyte and Saltines after someone had decided to throw up. In hindsight it seems that the other person always had what was needed.

And the times we watched their dog while they were out of town. And the time they watched our caterpillar - we won't say anymore about that one. And I only locked myself out of their house once!

So many happy memories!

The dinners in our backyards, the birthday parties at each others houses, the baby showers hosted for each other.

Our grocery nights together on Mondays!

The many times I always called needing an egg, some molasses, an egg, some milk, an egg, some sugar, or an egg. It seems we were back and forth all the time with something.

The time I called her on their way to Ohio because I needed lasagna noodles - like now! Thankfully I had a key and thankfully she had some! The time Robin called me on the way to Co-Op because I left our garage open!

My favorite old TV show has always been "I Love Lucy". I was raised on it. I know every line. I always thought what fun it would be to live like Lucy and Ethel. Never would I have believed that Lucy and Ethel would be Robin and Celeste. You'll have to ask Robin who's who. :))

I can't believe our dear friends are gone. I know we won't be here forever either (we almost moved before they did last spring!), but it is amazing to look down the street tonight and know this time in our lives is over.

Robin, dear, you are my best friend and I think with age and maturity comes a different kind of "best friend"ship than I remember in High School. Our friendship has a strong foundation and though we are entering a new time in our lives, it will endure. I love you bunches!

I am thankful to God that he brought us here in September of 99 and had Bill and Robin follow so shortly after. What a wonderful, fun time it has been. What a blessing!

(I am so sorry, Robin, this was the best one I could find!)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Happy 3!

My dear, sweet boy!

How is that you are three already? How is it that my little baby who would always pat my back when I held him is growing up so quickly?

You are a super helper to Mommy and Daddy.

You can fix anything right along side your Daddy

You can throw a ball like a pro and have had a great golf swing since 9 months!

You are full of energy and give the biggest hugs and kisses (when we can steal them).

You make us laugh and you give us so many reasons to smile.

We love you dearly and look forward to growing with you this next year!