Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh, how I love them

Pictures by Request

Well, a few great friends and I gathered on Friday night for our monthly crafting night. All of us sew, but Friday night we had a mixture of projects going on. Two of us were quilting, one of us was scrap booking and one of us was lesson planning. The great thing about our nights is that it's not so much about what we do or how much we accomplish, it's the fun we have and the love and support we give one another. And of course all the silliness and laughter - who me?

Friday night I quilted. I snag any opportunity I can to get a little bit done! I worked more on my project yesterday and finished the quilt top this afternoon. Now it must be set aside until I get a good Hobby Lobby coupon and get some more batting.

Here is what I finished.

My mother-in-law made these sunbonnet baby squares for me for my birthday last year (or was it Christmas?) . She has a super duper embroidery machine and is a whiz on it! She embroidered each picture on a different white, actually white on white fabric. I had begun to work just a little bit on framing each of them in a selection of reds from my stash. On Friday I cut the rest of my red strips and that evening I finished bordering each picture. Yesterday I managed to so all my squares together. Today I cut the white fabrics to make the outside border and attached all the sides. So now the quilt top is done and I will work on something else until I can finish it. I know I have a red in my leftovers that I can use for the binding and I think I will find a white on white fabric for the backing - hopefully something inexpensive.

I am so pleased with how it turned out. Another fun one to enjoy! And thanks to Brian's mom for making me such a wonderful birthday gift. It may even be finished just in time for my next birthday!

I hope your Monday is beautifully peaceful,


Much needed reading

As I and many of my homeschooling friends dive into the new school year, it is worthwhile to read the following. So worthwhile. It gives me hope and encouragement. Hopefully it will do the same for you!

Be the change you want to see!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am still here.

A dear blogging friend brought it to my attention that I hadn't posted for a while. Gee, she was right! In fact, I laughed with her at the fact that my last post had to do with the Tropical Storm. Maybe the storm had gotten us after all!

We have just been crazy busy, as I know most of you are.

Preparing for school with stacks of papers, books and plans.
Signing up for ballet.
Brian travelling, working on house projects, and getting ready to go to Realtor school.
Attending a super fantastic homeschooling conference with my very best friend.

As I told my friend, when there is spare time left over I have to make choices: clean, blog or quilt.

And I am sure you know which takes priority - quilting of course! :))

I hope to update you on school plans and quilting treasures soon.

But I am still here.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Edouard Come and Gone

Well, the day passed rather uneventfully. I woke around 5:30 this morning and heard nothing of rain or wind. Again around 7:00am nothing much at all. We got up to check on the weather updates. My first thought was that it had stalled and was out over the water strengthening, but that was not the case. It had come ashore earlier than expected and farther up the coast closer to the Texas and Louisiana border. We got very little wind on this side. Basically it was just a rainy day. We are very thankful that is all it turned out to be here - very thankful. Brian must return to work tomorrow. It sure was nice having him home.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Calm before the Storm

What tropical storm? Just like Kris mentioned, you wouldn't know something is brewing the Gulf and heading our way!


We are doing some mild preparations for Edouard, the Tropical Storm in the Gulf that is heading straight for us. This is definitely not as severe as the threat Rita posed in 2005 - a Category 5 storm. We left town for that one! It didn't end up hitting us directly and we actually got the "clean" side of the storm, but you can't take a chance with that. I have weathered worse than what is coming (as in, Category 3 Alicia in 1983), but it will not be fun by any means. Thankfully they predict that it will keep moving after it hits and not sit over us like Tropical Storm Allison did in 2001 - MAJOR flooding (thankfully, not our house).

There is a chance it could strengthen to a hurricane, but we are praying not. We will know more this evening about that. We should start feeling 30-45 mph winds around 4am to 7am in the morning. Then around lunchtime tomorrow, we will get the much higher winds, as much as 70mph if it remains a tropical storm. It should be mostly over by bedtime.

So tonight we need to bring in/secure all loose things outside and prepare for a loss of power.

You might not hear from me for a day, mostly because of power loss. Do keep all residents in this area of Texas in your prayers tonight and during the day tomorrow.

God bless you all.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Homeschooling Challenges with Mikey

Mikey was supposed to be quietly occupied while painting with water.

Hmmm. More water please?

Just a little light reading.