Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to You!

Long time no blog - I know. I can't believe how little I have written lately. I am not sure if I am just busy or lazy. :)

I couldn't let this wonderful holiday slip by without a greeting to you all. Jacob has memorized this poem over the last few weeks and was so excited for me to record his performance. He loved to know that you would be hearing his special poem on my blog!

We are taking a nice break from everything school this week. We have read some Thanksgiving books. We baked Banana Bread yesterday and Cranberry-Orange Bread today. Tomorrow morning we will have a lovely bread breakfast - both of these kinds plus some pumpkin bread from the freezer. I can't wait!

We made a fun little turkey craft today. The kids needed a lot of help with it, but they liked the results.

This evening they helped bake the pumpkin pie for our celebration with Brian's parents tomorrow. It turned out beautiful! They are such wonderful kitchen helpers. Every time we cook,I enjoy their help more and more. I think the more I relax and let them be kids in the kitchen, the more I enjoy it.

I stayed up last night and finished the binding on my fall table runner (see above photo). Yippee! Just in time for Thanksgiving! I guess next year, I will enjoy it all during fall. Just so I can be sure of finishing my Christmas table topper at least two days before Christmas, I started today!

We are so looking forward to our day tomorrow! The weather will be turning cold while we sleep. It is fun ti anticipate waking up to cold and cocoa and yummy bread. We will pray the Responsorial Psalm from the Thanksgiving Day Mass and then we will be off to give thanks with family.

I pray your day is blessed and full of joy and thanksgiving!


mom-in-training said...

Jacob did an awesome job on that long poem. Amazing!!!! Great job, Jacob!!!

And your table runner? Stunning! It turned out gorgeous!!!

Melissa said...

Hi, Celeste! It's just me, missing you. I'm so sorry I never stopped by here to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I just love Jacob in this video, particulary as he waves goodbye at the end! He is just too sweet! And, I just have to say: your table runner is SO beautiful. I wish I had your talent! Hope you all are doing great!