Sunday, July 06, 2008


It has been a long time in the making, but one of my all time favorite quilts is done. I made the quilt top 5 to 6 years ago and it has been waiting to be quilted since then. I was afraid to touch it myself since I felt I could not do it justice on my own sewing machine. I've done many smaller quilts but never a lap size one. I could manage, but I was afraid of messing it up big time, especially with all the bulk of the quilt I would have to force under the arm of my machine. Also, I wanted more than just straight lines - definitely can't do that on a bigger quilt. I had been saving some money from family for quilting and I decided to spend it to have a lady in the area with a monster quilting machine quilt it for me. What a great decision. She did beautiful work! I have had it back since March and again it has been sitting waiting for binding. I had cut the binding weeks ago, but haven't had a lick of time lately to even dust off the machine! But Friday morning, I spent some time with Nicole and I prepared the binding to be sewn on. Yesterday I did it - I sewed on the binding and finished it off. Now after all these years I am able to enjoy my blue and white. I love quilting!!!

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At Home Redesigns said...

Love the blues. Really nice job. I've enjoyed checking out your blog.