Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Only two and half left

Weeks, that is.

It is amazing to me to think that we only have two and a half short weeks left before we leave our much loved first home. We have enjoyed every minute of our nine and a half years here! Even with the joy of a new home, it will be hard to leave our little house. Probably harder than I think.

We should close on our new home around the 18th and move that weekend following. It doesn't seem real yet even though it is so close. I am sure it will get very real quickly. I guess I have some packing to do. But why pack when you can quilt?

Here's a pic to share. Can't wait to live here. I pray there will be many, MANY more happy years here.

I have lots of landscaping to do - lots! And don't you just love the blue trash bucket? I think it should stay. Oh, and yes there is a black shutter missing. Can you find it? That's because they so intelligently put the hose bib too close to the window! Measuring tape and plans anyone????

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