Friday, July 10, 2009

Busy but wonderful

Life is chugging along here as we survive the extremely hot weather we have been having. This morning the radio said it was supposed to be 100 degrees today and because of all the humidity, it should feel like 108 to 111 degrees. You should have seen Jacob's worrier eyes when he heard that.

We spent a wonderful long fourth of July weekend with Brian's brother's family and his parents. I will post photos as soon as I have the energy - maybe by Christmas? The kids have had many tired days since we came home, but the fun they had is worth it all.

Our school year is still coming closer to the end. We have three more weeks to complete and then we will take a short break before we begin again. I like short breaks. Long ones get on my nerves. I enjoy the rhythm of our school days. They bring peace (for the most part) to the day even though there are still fusses and crankies and arguments. It brings order even though there will be messes. I love it. And even though the kids have been known to say, "Oh, I wish we didn't have school this week," based on my observations, I believe they love it too.

Even though I haven't posted anything on the quilting front in several days, I have been busy. I have completed 2 baby quilt tops and am half way finished with a third. I would publish photos of them in all their glory, but I cannot for fear their recipients might be lurking around. :))) I had a wonderful visit to an out of town quilt shop while we were away for the weekend. I have been before and it such a wonderful shop. I love seeing the different character that every quilt shop has. It makes touring lots of fun.

And lastly, I have had the computer off all day. It has been wonderfully refreshing. I know I have said before that the computer is a huge distraction for me. It is like a vampire in the next room. I have found that the past several days I have been severely distracted by it and it has made me very impatient and agitated with the kids. Having it off from 8 this morning to 4:30 this afternoon has been a good thing. My spirit was much calmer and gentler. I had a ton more patience. I completed more tasks as a result - putting together shelves, matching quilt squares, some planning and a short rest on the sofa, in addition to normal daily duties. I even got more prayer in. I really should try it more often.

And if you haven't read them, do yourself a favor and look into this post and this post over at Wildflowers and Marbles. Inspiring!

Have an inspiring weekend.

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Beth said...

Hi Celeste:

I got your comment about joining the Scrappy Christmas block swap but there was no email address associated with the comment. Stop back by my blog to see the info I need from you (or send me your email address), or let me know if you are no longer able to take part.