Friday, May 21, 2010

A few updates

OK. This is so not my style, but this post is in bullet form of sorts. I didn't realize how long it has been since I posted. Oh, well. Not top on my list these days. With 6 days until the scheduled c-section day when we get to meet our sweet baby boy, I am not motivated to do a whole lot.

First on the list - from the sewing corner!

Baby hats that I might make to sell someday. Aren't they the cutest. So fun and easy to make.

A precious pillow made from Holly Holderman's Cherry Baby fabrics. So much fun to make and Nicole even stuffed it herself. I have another pillow to make and a quilt for her wall.

Then there are the Nursery photos. Brian painted it the most lovely shade of green for me. This room has been empty since we moved in a year ago. Feels nice to have it occupied soon. Couldn't love the color more. Bought a new dust ruffle, all blue sheets, a new lamp, a blue valance, etc. It has been fun to know and plan the colors. Of course, the idea behind the green was that it could go with pink too!

A dear friend made these wonderful Peter Rabbit quilted wall hangings for the room, as well as some cute little storage cubes. I picked up the little sign at Hobby Lobby half price.

On the wall behind the rocker are my babies, all at about 3 months. These used to hang in the stairwell in our other house. I reframed them and just love how they "belong" here.

And, of course, the crib is ready too. I made a pillow and ordered this sweet little Peter Rabbit. And then there's the sweet outfit Nicole picked out for Baby to come home in.

And then there's the new thing in our lives - football practice. Jacob just began last night and loved it.

I guess you will be hearing from this blog soon when Baby arrives. My doctor told me to take it easy over the weekend since she would be out of town. I surely want her to do the surgery. So I will try. And if nothing happens before Thursday, then that's the big day!



Kris said...

I love those hats. They end up so cute and really just like the ones we used on both kids as babies in the hot sun.

Nicole's pillow came out well too.

Jamie Jo said...

Happy birthday Celeste!!!

God bless you, especially today!
So nice to share this day with you and St Peter Claver!