Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just in time

A sweet friend of mine commented that Braden took his first steps just in time! Just in time for his first birthday on Friday! Yeah! It was so much fun to watch, even though I have seen four others do the very same thing! Milestones never get old.

Today has been a much better day. Nicole only threw up that one time yesterday. She has spent the day resting and getting her strength back. Braden was way more cheerful today! Thank you Lord. Much more accomplished. On those days like yesterday when NOTHING gets done, things begin to look bleak. When you already feeling behind in life in general, it makes it seem as though every day is that bad! Then there's the sunnier days like today that show you the real state of affairs and offer hope.

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Laura said...

We are moving to Houston in six weeks!!! Everything is happening so fast. I would love to meet you and maybe get some tips on the area....we don't know anyone else in Houston. You are my only hope!!! :)

We are planning on renting first, but want to live close to Houston ballet since the children will be dancing their six days a week and I will drive back and forth several times a day. Do you know if there are some good neighborhoods in town or will we have to be about 30min out of town for a decent neighborhood? So many questions......

My email~ momtosix (at) rocketmail (dot) com

Thanks, Celeste!
laura :)