Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hooray! Hooray! It's done before Christmas Day!

I was so excited last night to finish the little Christmas quilt I had been working on. It wasn't a difficult quilt, but it took a while to complete since I could only work on it in short installments. Even so, it is done.

At 10:30 last night I stood there holding my finished quilt and asking Brian, "Well, now where do I put it?" His words? "Be bold." Oh boy! So I removed the mirror and the dust magnet, I mean floral swag, from over the fireplace and hung it there! I like the results!

Merry Christmas to ME!


mom-in-training said...

It looks great up there! That quilt is so cute. I just love how all of the colors go together - and the border out of that material is just the perfect touch. I love it!!!

Laura W. said...

The quilt is MAGNIFICENT!!! I really wish I could quilt...sigh.
I will not say that I am jealous of you because that wouldn't be nice ~ so I will just say that I really really really want to be able to quilt someday!:)
It looks lovely above your mantle!
Great job!

Mrs Marcos said...

I agree with the others, the quilt is beautiful and I love it hanging above the fireplace - so festive! :)