Monday, August 04, 2008


We are doing some mild preparations for Edouard, the Tropical Storm in the Gulf that is heading straight for us. This is definitely not as severe as the threat Rita posed in 2005 - a Category 5 storm. We left town for that one! It didn't end up hitting us directly and we actually got the "clean" side of the storm, but you can't take a chance with that. I have weathered worse than what is coming (as in, Category 3 Alicia in 1983), but it will not be fun by any means. Thankfully they predict that it will keep moving after it hits and not sit over us like Tropical Storm Allison did in 2001 - MAJOR flooding (thankfully, not our house).

There is a chance it could strengthen to a hurricane, but we are praying not. We will know more this evening about that. We should start feeling 30-45 mph winds around 4am to 7am in the morning. Then around lunchtime tomorrow, we will get the much higher winds, as much as 70mph if it remains a tropical storm. It should be mostly over by bedtime.

So tonight we need to bring in/secure all loose things outside and prepare for a loss of power.

You might not hear from me for a day, mostly because of power loss. Do keep all residents in this area of Texas in your prayers tonight and during the day tomorrow.

God bless you all.


Melissa said...

Scary! I can't even imagine. I will definitely keep you all in my prayers!

mom-in-training said...

We're doing the same over here.... We've gathered our flashlights, weather radios, extra batteries, bottled water, etc. Going through the motions, though I'm not too worried.

Good luck over there! :) REO

Crafty Mom said...

LIKE I told Robin. At least we all have friends, so that if one of us seriously loses power for hours, friends are just a phone call and short drive away.

Hope to be seeing you in calmer weather soon.

Mom of boys said...

Same over here, except that I had to fill up my van as well (it was on "E" - not good).

I am glad that it jogged to the east. I think that if we were hit with those 70 mph winds, my baby apple tree would have been a goner!