Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am still here.

A dear blogging friend brought it to my attention that I hadn't posted for a while. Gee, she was right! In fact, I laughed with her at the fact that my last post had to do with the Tropical Storm. Maybe the storm had gotten us after all!

We have just been crazy busy, as I know most of you are.

Preparing for school with stacks of papers, books and plans.
Signing up for ballet.
Brian travelling, working on house projects, and getting ready to go to Realtor school.
Attending a super fantastic homeschooling conference with my very best friend.

As I told my friend, when there is spare time left over I have to make choices: clean, blog or quilt.

And I am sure you know which takes priority - quilting of course! :))

I hope to update you on school plans and quilting treasures soon.

But I am still here.


Laura said...

Totally understand!

Look forward to seeing photos of the quilt in progress...pretty please:)

Blair said...

It was so fun to meet you at the conference :)