Friday, April 10, 2009

Good, Good Friday

This has been an odd, odd Lent for me, for us. It has not been as in years past. We have done less sacrifice, less prayer. I think the craziness of the move got me off for sure. As we moved and got settled, I was doing good at the beginning of Lent to remember not to eat meat on Fridays. Even after we were more or less settled, I have so wanted to just live normally. I was not in the mood for crafts and many days extra reading was not on my list to get done. I was more concerned with getting the essentials of school completed - in itself a great task. Despite the dryness I have felt this Lent, we are trying to make up for it these last days. We have had good focus yesterday and today. In a way I am ready for Lent to end. Not so that I can avoid the sacrifice, but so that this Lent will be behind me and I can look forward to a more productive Lent next year. My desire to do crafts with the kids and read more is slowly returning and I am hoping we will do much better as we celebrate all the other feasts and holidays and saint days from this point out. I miss it.

Today we covered some of the window panes on out back door to create a cross. We colored Easter lilies and put them aside to decorate the cross on Easter Sunday. On Wednesday we enjoyed working together to color 90 little paper eggs with various designs. We made the most wonderful little garlands for the breakfast room windows. I love how they look. I am thinking garlands will have to be a regular decoration for these windows throughout the year.

On my list of little joys this week is this one - Nicole Marie riding her bike with no training wheels. It gives me great joy to see her enjoying her bike riding so much. We have this wonderful cul de sac now and it is so nice to be riding around in the street without that fear. Of course, I am always out there with them. Her training wheels had been slowly bending upward over the past weeks as she rode and rode. She was essentially not using them anyway. So on Wednesday I took them off! Yesterday she spent the day with her grandparents and even got to go on a bike ride with her Pappa!

What a proud girl!

I wish you all a blessed and holy and joyous Easter celebration. May your family, your domestic church be filled with praise and happiness on this most wonderful day!

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Crafty Mom said...

I can't wait to see the quilt in person. I want to see your raggedy edges, and how they turned out.

And a YAY for Nicole of course!!