Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Nine Patch Quilt Top done!

Last May I joined a quilt along to make seven nine patches every week. It was started by a favorite quilter online. It was a lot of fun to make all the nine patches from fabrics in my scrap bin and on my shelf. It is truly a scrap quilt. And in many ways it is also a memory quilt since so many fabrics I have used on various projects over the years are included. Of course I finished all the blocks last June, but I am sure I got distracted with another project and I set them aside in a project drawer. Last week I completed another quilt (which I am not at liberty to show yet) and decided to pull out a work in progress. This was my choice. It was very easy to put together. If you look back at the original quilt along post, it shows the quilt with white sashing. I decided not to do sashing. In one way, it just seemed like a lot of work for me right now. But most of all, I was struck by how wonderfully colorful and fun it looked when I initially laid them out right next to each other. I really like mine much better this way. It is all done and hanging in my closet waiting to be quilted when I have more stamina and energy.

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