Friday, April 16, 2010

What I couldn't reveal

I think I mentioned in a post the other day that I had completed another quilt that I couldn't show just yet. That's because it was a baby quilt that I was giving to one of my best friends at our joint baby shower. Well, we had our shower last weekend so now I can show you the quilt as well as share some details of our lovely shower.

I made this using Moda Blush fabric and patterned it after a quilt kit out there using the Moda Verna fabric. It was easy and fun to make I love the chocolate brown!

Kayse and I had a lovely shower given by two of our dearest friends, Michele and Robin (and Kayse too since it was at her house and she had to clean and decorate). The brunch was lovely and delicious. I am thankful my friends are such good cooks! Michele made the best egg dish and coffee cakes - yum!

Robin made an outstanding and beautiful and delicious cake for us! Look how precious!

And then of course how cute are these little "thrones" that Kayse set up for the two of us to perch ourselves on. She even bought us each a soft color coordinated minky blanket at Target!

It was a lovely morning. I felt so loved and honored by everyone's presence and by all the sweet gifts I was showered with. Thank you dear friends!

Well, the c-section is five weeks from today! It is hard to believe. This weekend we are going to focus on getting the nursery painted. Pictures will follow when it is all set up.

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Anonymous said...

Loved having our shower together! Love you!