Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

 Yesterday was my sweet Nicole's 10th birthday! A whole decade. Oh, my!

We had her blueberry cake for her birthday breakfast before 9:30 Mass.  She also opened her presents.

After Mass, she received the most wonderful birthday blessing from Fr. Benny. We always ask for birthday blessings on or near each person's birthday. It was wonderful to listen to Father's words as he prayed for Nicole. The BEST!

For lunch she requested chicken salad sandwiches and my parents stopped by to bring her a lovely gift.

During the afternoon, Nicole and I worked on baking her cake and she decorated it herself! It feels funny having her decorate her own cake, but she really wanted to. I am glad to share that with her. And she did a great job on it! Her first time ever with a decorating bag in her hands!

What fun! She and I took a little time to walk one street over to an opening in the fences between houses to visit the horses on the farm behind us. Two of them came to us when we called. What a fun experience. She goes periodically to visit the horses, but I had never been over there.

For dinner we had meatball subs, pasta salad and fruit salad. Then we enjoyed cake and ice cream. Everyone else went to bed, but Nicole and I stayed up to have a movie night, eating popcorn and watching the AG McKenna movie.

At the end of the day, I was hoping and praying that her day had been wonderful. I got my answer. This morning she was crying because "her birthday was over and it had been such a wonderful day!"

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Laura said...

What a perfect celebration! From the early morning to the end of the day, just perfect! Happy (belated) Birthday, sweet Nicole!!!!!! What a beautiful 10 year old!
I loved that she decorated her cake! Sounds like you had some special mother/daughter moments.
(the AG doll photo is too cute~ what tiny doll is standing by the green chair?)

Celeste said...

Laura, that is a Madame Alexander doll. My mom gets her a new one every year to add to the collection I had growing up. So sweet.