Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Can you tell we are having a school holiday week??

If you could tell, I bet it was due to the unusually high volume of catch-up blog posts cranked out today! We began year-round homeschooling back in August or September (whenever we began this school year) and this gives us periodic breaks. I wasn't sure how it would pan out, but so far, we love it. It is always a welcome treat to have a sudden week off. Besides, the summers are so hot around here, it makes no sense to do absolutely nothing inside for weeks on end. So over the summer breaks will be more frequent, but we will finish up our school year then.


The purpose of this post is actually to tell you about being a "Motivated Mom." I spent $8 of my husband's hard earned salary to become a "Motivated Mom" and after about a week and a half of being one, I would say it is already well worth the $8. Well worth it.

Some of you may know of that which I speak. In fact, I think I heard about it from many of the lovely ladies out there who blog. I was encouraged by these ladies and decided to see what "Motivated Moms" was all about. Motivated Moms is a little website where many a mom has gladly paypal-ed over their $8 in hopes of getting a grip on household chores and other necessary household and personal tasks without having to think to hard. It is a beautiful thing!

I am motivated to continue.

The beauty of this 55 page download is that it seems to cover it all and at an interval that is not too rigorous or frequent. I really feel like I can get the tasks done on the list. And I know if I don't, they will be revisited soon. So if I miss vacuuming the upstairs one day, I know it will show up again soon. Whereas before, I would perform a particular chore wondering when the last time actually was it got done. Motivated Moms breaks up tasks well. I do not like to and do not want to dust the house all in one day. (Of course I hate dusting). There are things I am doing now that I never did before. And little things that I did do, but not with regularity. I love the fact that someone else thought this out for me. So far it is working well and I am pleased. I will continue.

I know some moms have used Motivated Moms in the past and then created their own similar schedules after becoming more familiar with the need and don't need to accomplish in their own homes and families. For me this is a great start.

I have also been working on my home planning notebook. Streamlining. Thinking about it a little more judiciously. That will have to be another post.

I pray your day is blessed.

Now back to being motivated!

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Laura W. said...

This sounds wonderful...I love this kind of thing (organizing and checking items off my list). I will check out the link. Thanks!