Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pinewood Derby 2008

This is our first year of Cub Scouts. We have been trying to learn the ropes and have had fun along the way. We are blessed to have a pack at our parish. They do some neat little activities. Jacob has gone to the den meetings, sold popcorn, gone on a wildlife field trip, attended the Cub-O-Ree campout and more! Our latest activity was the 2008 Pinewood Derby race.

Jacob and his dad worked on cutting out a car from a special piece of wood. It had to be within a certain weight and had size limitations. There were all kinds of rules. Jacob worked really hard. He did the great majority of the sawing - by HAND! He sanded and he painted. He and Brian spent a lot of really special time together working on this project. Jacob was really proud of his work.

This past Saturday the race was set to begin around 9am. Cars had to be checked in, inspected and weighed. Jacob and Brian and Andrew went early to get going. Michael and Nicole and I joined them up at church around 10 am to see Jacob's races. I was impressed!!!! I was expecting a nifty little wooden race track in the corner and we all have a nice time looking at the little cars go by. :) Wrong! This thing was quite a production. Computers timing cars to the thousandth of a second. Video cameras! An amazing setup!

Jacob is a Tiger Cub and they raced first. There were 12 races with 2 rounds each. Jacob came in second place in his Tiger den (out of 5 boys). The younger kids and I left after his races, around lunchtime.

Jacob and Brian stayed till the end - almost 4pm. All the other dens (all older boys) had their races and then there were the finals. Jacob was in the finals and came in 10th out of 12 cars! How exciting! He received a medal for his uniform and some ribbons.

What a fun event!

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