Friday, April 11, 2008

A few school projects for the week

We learned about water pollution and made our own water filter as suggested in the book. I was doubtful as to whether it would work, but I was amazed. We made some yucky muddy water and then we poured it through our filter (a funnel with cotton stuffed in the hole, on top of that a layer of sand and then a coffee filter cut to size). You can see by the photo how amazingly clean the water turned out! We were all impressed.

The second project was a puppet show. The week before we had been to Houston's Miller Outdoor Theatre to see a free production of Peter and the Wolf. It was wonderful. I got some books from the library of the story of Peter and the Wolf, one of which I had wanted to buy that comes with a CD. We have really enjoyed that book. So the other day Jacob and I made some popsicle stick puppets of the characters and yesterday they put on a little performance while listening to the CD. They really loved doing it. The funniest part are the photos. Michael was right in the middle of it all - right where he likes it! It cracks me up how they lack so much enthusiasm in their faces (the video was even worse) and yet they were enjoying it so much. The final photo of the performers is far more happy.

Next week is one of our off weeks from school. We will concentrate on birds and our vegetable garden. We might also spend some time on more reading about the Titanic in preparation for an exhibit we will attend the following Monday. If we have time, we might begin a bit of Texas history before we visit the battle reenactment at the San Jacinto Battlegrounds on the 26th. Did I mention we are "off" school?

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Laura said...

I love frugal creativity! The puppets are adorable :)