Thursday, April 24, 2008

This is Michael

My little baby boy is 14 months old today! When did that happen?

Here he is in his favorite place - outside - toting a tasty popsicle. Yes, he is an absolute mess. This is also very "Michael." He had just finished dinner. He consumed a slice of bread and jelly, a hot dog, 2/3 of a banana and a large bowl of yogurt. I think you can see him wearing the remnants of all four in his hair. What a boy!

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Jill said...

OH what joy he must bring your family. I love the 'baby walking' stage when it's still a little wobbly. Adorable.
I also love that this video feels like summer. Popsicles, shorts and t-shirts, and the sound of a lawn mower (I think) in the background.