Monday, May 05, 2008

For the birds

Last month we tried our best to study birds. Often I have such grand plans and they do not all come to fruition. But I do know that at such a young age it is best to keep it simple. And it always helps to remember that this will not be the last time they will study any particular subject. Hopefully anything we do, even halfway, will spur them on to further interest and learning.

Of the things we did do, our favorite was all the books - as usual. We're just a bunch of book addicts. Beautiful books. Wonderful books. Books of every shape and sort.

As a fun surprise, we discovered a mourning dove nest in one of our back trees. The mother has been sitting and sitting. We are so anxious for the day they hatch and are praying they make it.

As we closed up our study, we did a little project that had caught my attention in Jacob's Cub Scout guide book. It was for a feeder.
It used orange slices and old bread. We had a lot of fun making it and hanging it. Then we waited. And waited. No flocks descending upon it. But wait!

Not a bird, but a butterfly!

From what I can deduce this is a type of Satyr butterfly, possibly a Pearly Eye. It stayed there for such a long time. It was very still and let us get extremely close to watch it eating the sweet orange juice with its proboscis. What fun! Nicole could have watched it all afternoon.

I am not sure any birds ever came. It is still there. Kind of sad shape now. But it was worth it just to get to see that butterfly!

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