Friday, May 30, 2008

If I didn't laugh I'd go crazy

There are many moments that give me reason to laugh. Jacob dropping his new ball in the potty. Michael climbing in the drier (while I was folding dry laundry).

But an incident toward the end of this morning's Wal-Mart trip gave me the best laugh I'd had in a while. While I was unloading my purchases and swiping my credit card and putting the bags in the cart, Andrew and Nicole were perusing all the goodies lining the checkout isle. At last glance they had been fiddling with the Disney toy cameras and cell phones and the portable battery-powered fans. I was just about ready to roll when I hear behind me Nicole's uncertain little voice, "Mommy??"

I turn around and there she is standing with a little plastic fan in the loveliest shade of hot pink hanging from her hair! I guess she'd been fanning a bit too close and oops she was now firmly attached to this little treasure. I laughed so hard! I couldn't stop.

Thankfully the clever manufacturers created the fan so that it pops apart and we were able to relieve Nicole's tangled mass of hair from its clutches.

Maybe it's not so much that if I don't laugh I'd go crazy as it is that I'm already crazy so all I can do is laugh!!

Have a blessed weekend.


Jill said...

Yes, we just have to laugh. That gets us through our days. And that IS pretty funny the way you described it!

Blair said...

I love the title to this post. So true! It will be really funny to one day look back at this crazy, joyful time of life!