Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jacob is...

...eating desserts and pasta.

...on the sofa reading for most of the day.

...playing Legos when he's not reading.

...climbing like a monkey (in the house).

...playing for hours in the heat with his best friend down the street.

...taking care of and playing with his little brother, Mikey.

...baking Butter Pecan Peach Cake.

...laughing so contagiously, that you can't help laughing yourself. boy.


Melissa said...

SOOO sweet, Celeste! Makes me want to cry! I forgot to tell you that this picture is one of my favorites from your slide show. To me, it just perfectly captures "boyhood". You are blessed! Jacob sounds like an awesome kid!

Stampalot Sue said...

We have got to get together so Jacob and Seth can play!