Friday, June 20, 2008

So me.

A day or two ago, Blair had included something in one of her blog posts about what is "SO me!" I liked what she shared and as I have been puttering around the house and planning some sewing projects, I thought I would share what is "SO me!"

A lovely serving bowl I picked up at a garage sale this morning. It's not terribly old, but oh, so pretty and worn looking.

Two pillows in progress for the sofas. They are made from a vintage tablecloth I bought online. I need more stuffing.

Some other fabrics in my stash and some red rick rack that may become another sofa pillow.

My little corner by the kitchen sink. I LOVE MY LAMP! The jar is usually full of fat peppermints but I keep forgetting to buy more.

To the left of my sofa. Coasters I made, my antique set of shakers and a little spoon rest where we put our coffee spoon.

To the right of my stove. My old crock with a mix of new and antique. My antique salt and peppers - two sets (I have more). My old aluminum spoon rest.

I know these are just things. And things don't make us happy. But they make me smile. They add warmth and joy and brightness to my home. They are me.

I would love to see some others follow suit and create a similar post. We all have a style and hopefully we can all fill our homes with things we love and that make it a "home."


Melissa said...

I loved this post so much, Celeste...probably because it is SO you! ;)

And thank you so much for the e-mail. I'm so sorry I've not yet responded, but do hope to soon. Thinking of you often, hoping you're doing well!

Love you.

Laura said...

This is such a cute idea~ I see that you enjoy the red/shades of blue color combinations and florals! I love them too! :)

Hope you are enjoying your summer with your family!

Laura :)