Saturday, December 27, 2008

December Whirlwind!

That's what it's been like around our home for the past several weeks. It wasn't enough to be preparing for Christmas - we also had to work on preparing our house to sell and continue checking in on our house being built! Our contractor painted the entire inside of our house last week - chaos! But it is oh, so beautiful! What a difference paint makes. I went from white white walls that blended in with all our trim to a lovely warm straw color. Even my laundry room is lovely!


Amidst the Christmas bustle we have been packing and moving and staging. But it has been a fun Christmas. It will also be our last here. I can't think about that too much right now - I am not ready to start crying about leaving this, our first home! So many memories here after 9 1/2 years. I know I will cry - no, bawl - but I am terribly excited about our lovely new house too!

Christmas (and birthday) photo journal!

Jacob had his birthday party with friends on the Saturday before Christmas. This was his cake. He had some special friends over to play Wii games and Legos.

Jacob with his great friends and his brother and sister!

Jacob was all smiles and excitement on his birthday morning (December 23rd) as he opened his gifts from us. We all had a fun day together.
By the end Mikey was all worn out.
And of course, I wasn't busy enough so I decided I really was going to finish making one of my sisters a set of quilted hot pads. And so you won't think I'm a slacker, I threw in a quilt top for my other sister (not shown). Yes, I'm crazy!
On Christmas Eve we went with my parents to Mass and then went to their house for our traditional Christmas Eve tamales and some time together. The children loved spending time over there and opening a few presents. Mikey especially loved his stuffed doggie!

And the delight in an 8 year old boy's face when he gets just what he'd hoped for - ANOTHER Star Wars Lego set!
Here are the children making their way downstairs on Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought them. What a precious photo - Andrew with his eyes closed and Jacob walking backwards. :)

That would be Andrew behind his brand new Cars Wii game. And see that yellow and blue stomp rocket on the floor next to him? Talk about a hit!

More 8 year old delight! The Apples to Apples game he'd been wishing for (from my sister).

All righty. I know this is an absolutely AWFUL!!!!!!! photo of me, BUT. This is me receiving my favorite Christmas gift - a diamond bracelet. Not just any diamond bracelet. It is the diamond bracelet I lost!!!!!!!!!!!!! Several weeks back I had lost the bracelet I had received from Mikey after he was born. We had looked everywhere and I had given up hope. Brian found it on the Sunday before Christmas as he pulled all the seats out of the van in preparation to take stuff to storage. He saved it and wrapped it up. I couldn't be more thrilled!

Brian and Andrew. He had just opened the screwdrivers that Andrew had picked out for Brian. Brian and Andrew love to work together on building and fix-it projects and Andrew has a special little knack with tools.

Time for opening stockings.

We spent the rest of Christmas day (lunch on) at Brian's parents. The kids had more fun opening presents and we shared a lovely meal together. The only missing piece? Brian's brother and his family. They couldn't make this year and the kids really missed them!

This is Nicole with her Gamma!

Andrew with his Pappa.

And this is what Jacob has been up to for days now. Couldn't be better.
And the fruits of his labor.

And here is my sweet Nicole with her favorite Christmas gift - Little Mia! The three of us are off to run a few errands.

I want to wish you all a blessed Christmas season and a Happy New Year. You are all a blessing to me.

Now back to my Christmas fun (even though I've had it since the day after Thanksgiving!).


Melissa said...

Celeste! What a wonderful update. It's so hard to keep up, isn't it? I think about you all so often. I cannot believe how soon you'll be moving into your new home!!!

The story of your bracelet nearly made me cry. What an awesome surprise!!! It sounds like you all had such a great Christmas. Caitlyn was looking at your blog with me and she was so excited to see that Nicole got an American Girl doll, too!

I forgot to mention it on my blog, but Darren did surprise me with a sewing machine! It's a Singer Tradition and I have absolutely no idea how to use it but I can't wait to get started! I so wish you were here to teach me! :)

Many blessings to you, Celeste! Enjoy this Christmas season!

Jill said...

Great to hear from you! Love the pictures from your Christmas. I can see the excitement on the faces of those precious children! Love the picture of the kids coming down the stairs!! :)
I can't believe how much Mikey has changed!! Wow.

Kris said...

The potholders came out beautiful. And I love the picture of Jacob all dressed up and handsome with his legos and Michael with his dog.

Jen said...

What a wonderful time it looks like you all had! I'm so jealous of your weather down there...I'm looking at the pictures of your little girl in a summer like dress. How I hate the cold here up north! That picture of you is priceless. :-) How great that he found it!

Jamie said...

Your Christmas looked wonderful!! I love your potholders too!

Thanks for stopping by my private blog, I am blogging again on the public one too, it's so hard to stay away!

I really think our kids would get along so great!! My son loves (LOVES) Star Wars and Legos, I see Blocus in the background, another favorite and my daughter saved her money and bought that same Barbie folding wall house thingy! (and all 3 girls play it)

I bet you are SO excited to move!!!
I'm excited for you!

I, too, am jealous of the short sleeve shirts and dresses!! It's very cold here and we are in the middle of a winter storm right now, 7 inches expected by this afternoon!