Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow and a Shuttle!

Here are a few more lovely snow photos. Too fantastic! A hurricane (it was even snowing on Galveston Island) and a snow all in one season!

The following photos are from right as it stopped snowing around 11:30.

The next morning a lot of the snow had melted, but there was enough that the kids could play a bit more in it.

We were so excited to get such a nice accumulation of snow. We didn't expect to be doubly blessed with a special Shuttle piggyback flyover the next day! On their way back to Florida after landing in California, the shuttle made a special trip to circle our Johnson Space Center several times. What a Christmas gift for all the wonderful people who work for the shuttle program! It flew so close to the ground. These photos were taken by someone Brian works with and they are impressive. We drove out to JSC at lunchtime to go see it (15 minutes away). What a once in a lifetime experience.

Many Advent Blessings,

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Kris said...

So Awesome!! We heard the military jets when we went out to look at noon, but couldn't see the actual plane with shuttle.

Mike told me about it too late.