Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm in Love

Well, I knew Amy Butler was coming out with a new fabric line and if it's hers, its guaranteed to be a show stopper. I had seen snippets of it and thought it was lovely.

But it wasn't until I saw this bag that I knew I was in love with "LOVE" and had to get my hands on some yardage. I have made some bags for some people and I have wanted to make one for myself, but nothing was working for me. I knew I wanted my bag to be a single piece of fabric and not patchwork.

So I placed an order for two yards of this teal floral and a yard and a half of another for the lining.

I got this lovely floral instead. It is the same motif in a pale green and lavender. It is too lovely for words. The flowers are huge and beautiful. It's just not what I ordered. I called up and they said they would send me the correct yardage as soon as the next shipment arrived. Yeah! She also said I could keep the two yards they got wrong! I gasped. I argued. But after the third time she insisted I keep it, I succumbed to the pressure. It is oh, so beautiful and even though it's not the one I ordered, I am thrilled to have two luscious yards of it!

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Anonymous said...

You know me, I think the pale green and LAVENDER is just beautiful! Can't go wrong with any shade of lavender!