Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Red and Aqua

Well, I finished the quilt top for this red and aqua quilt I started a while back. I remember loving this Dutch Pinwheel block when I saw it and just knew it would be the perfect way to showcase all the reds and aquas I had been collecting as I began my love affair with this color scheme. I really love how it turned out.

It was a frustrating quilt at times. When I began this quilt, I was using scraps of a "good" white muslin I had used on my stacked coins quilt. It was frustrating then as I watched it stretch and pull this way and that. You'd think I'd learn, but in my effort to be thrifty and resourceful, I decided I would make use of the scraps. Towards the end I had to add some other miscellaneous white cotton because I thought I had run out. The blocks I constructed with this "other" cotton were soooooo much better.

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