Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Just a little sewing!

Yeah, right! I don't know how to do just a little sewing!!!! Although my production levels have been a bit down from normal considering all my pregnancy aches and woes (poor me). But when I feel good and have enough energy I quilt. Yes, I choose to quilt and sew over blog - that's why blog posts are way down in number!

A few months ago I entered another Doll Quilt Swap online. I enjoyed DQS7 so much that I knew I wanted to get in on DQS8. It has been lots of fun to watch all the activity of these wonderful quilters. Once I was assigned my partner the wheels started turning. She likes simple and modern and bright colors - similar to me in some ways! So I set about making my quilt. I had just begun to do some applique and was really liking it (all on the machine, of course - no hand work for me!), so I decided to do an applique garden based on some inspiration from other sources out there. There are some real quilting geniuses! And this is what I came up with.

I worked and worked and the more I worked, the more I loved it - I mean REALLY loved it. These were even some of my favorite fabrics. I was torn. I wasn't sure I could part with it. So I didn't. I rationalized that it wasn't quite modern enough for my partner - good, huh? So now it proudly hangs on my family room wall. Then I made a second rainbow colored applique quilt (forgot to take a photo) which I decided just wasn't right for my partner. I'll save that for someone else. Then it was time to start my third and, hopefully, final attempt. I must say I was pleased with this one and I sent it off to live with her last week.

Well, my next project was something I had been waiting quite a while to work on. I think I mentioned a while back that I had fallen in love with Amy Butler's Love fabric line, especially one called Bliss Bouquet Teal. I had been wanting to make myself a bag. I had made several Charm Party Tote bags for others as gifts and wanted to make one for myself. I knew this fabric was the one. So I ordered my fabric (got 2 yards of the other color way free by mistake) and anxiously waited for it to arrive. This past weekend I made the bag out of single pieces of fabric instead of charm squares. I finished it up on Sunday and I couldn't be happier to have MY NEW BAG! It is beautiful, even if I do say so myself!

Next I embarked on a design adventure. Once upon a time at the quilt festival in October I saw the cutest pattern for a diaper and wipes tote/changing pad thing. I did not buy the pattern. I have never ever been able to find it again. But I have been wanting to make one for a gift for a friend. I searched and searched and reviewed lots of patterns, both free and not, online. I never really found "the perfect thing". So based on what I had seen and what I knew I wanted, I decided to create my own. I used some fabric I had in my stash to make a prototype (recognize it, Robin?). I really like how it turned out. I wanted it to be big enough to hold a travel wipes container and at least 3 diapers. It needed to fold up and close easily. And I wanted it to be a big enough changing pad for larger little behinds. I think I got it good, but I will run it by some quilting friends for thoughts and suggestions before making an actual one. I ordered some lovely fabrics at fabric.com and can't wait for them to come. (Yes, you need to click on each word for the links). So here is my prototype.

All folded up and ready to tuck in the diaper bag.
(This was my first time ever in all my years of sewing to do a buttonhole - imagine!)

A peek inside - wipes and three size 5 diapers.

And all laid out and ready for a quick diaper change on the go.

Well, on to other projects. I have one in particular in the que that I just also ordered fabric for. But that will have to wait for a later date. Now I must go rest before I fall apart.


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Kayse said...

I just love your bag! Can't wait to see it in person! So that must be what you did to yourself. Too much sewing, huh?