Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today I received my doll quilt in the mail for DQS8! I have been so excited to check the mail each day, hoping my little quiltie would arrive soon. Oh, the suspense! I couldn't wait to see which one of the amazing quilts I've been seeing on Flickr would belong to me.

And here it is.......

You just can't believe how beautiful it is. The photos do NOT do it justice. Debbie's (Marblesbestfriend) piecing is amazingly precise and her quilting is perfect. I am in love. She could not have chosen better colors and fabrics for me. I am so excited and thankful. A funny side note is that when she had posted a sneak peek photo on Flickr, I had been the first to comment on how much I loved it. And to think it would be mine!

And here it is below next to my own quilt on the family room wall. Perfect!

On another quilting note, below are the photos of the diaper carrier/changer I made to give to my friend who is about to have her baby girl. I shortened this final version 2 inches in both length and width from the prototype, but left everything else the same. It turned out even better. I was so excited to give it to her yesterday afternoon. I hope it is fun and useful for her and her newest baby.

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Kris said...

Is this the quilt that you commented "If it was mine I know exactly where I would hang it"?

If so, how crazy is that??

And the diaper changer came out really gorgeous!!