Monday, January 21, 2013

Just a few things

Happy Monday, friends!  Yes, it is Monday.  We have arrived once again.  I actually felt ready this week!

I spent some time yesterday planning our current week of school and then I spent a nice chunk of time looking over our next Sonlight Core, Core F.  I am so excited.  I have heard that it has always been a great core, but it appears to me that, with the changes they made to all the Cores last year, it is AMAZING!  I can't wait to get started studying the Eastern Hemisphere.  It is full and beautiful and wonderful and the books are always so enjoyable.  I was able to spend a little time making some notes of items from other resources I have that would correspond with out different studies of the lands in the Eastern Hemisphere.

After looking at this Core, I have decided that I would give their writing portion a try again this year.  I dropped it a couple years back because I felt it was scattered and not thorough enough.  But while we have taken a break, we have used Andrew Pudewa's IEW and done some other writing lessons.  Jacob is taking a writing class at our Co-op as well.  This Core's writing portion, maybe due to the changes made, looks much more intensive and better thought out.  We shall see.  I am considering having Jacob do the Seton Composition once he enters 8th grade.  I have heard good things.  Writing is so very important.

I have added on a few Seton items that I am actually excited about.  For the most part I have not liked Seton because it is so workbook heavy.  But I am older now.  We have used their religion books for years on the recommendation of a friend and I love them.  Jacob has been using the 6th grade Vocabulary workbook this year and it is as good as any.  The older two do Bible Study of some sort daily.  They have both finished what they had been doing and needed something new.  I am adding on Bible History for both Jacob and Nicole at their grade levels and I like the look.  Though Nicole is technically 4th grade, I ordered for her the 5th grade Thinking Skills workbook.  Looks wonderful!

So many wonderful little time.

Soon I will have to write a detailed post about all that we use.  Maybe.

We made a trip to Kroger Sunday to buy additional pints of Blue Bell ice cream.  I had bought several on Saturday for a $1 a piece (usually $2.09) and then realized that 4 pints makes a half gallon and that $4 for a half gallon of Blue Bell is a super deal.  So back we went after Mass to choose more!
Here is Jacob at ice cream time.

Also, I have a recipe that I tried last night from Pinterest.  Lazy Sunday Casserole.  It was scrumptious!  Try it.  Flavorful, hearty, but healthy, rustic.  Yummy!  They all loved it!  I used chicken sausage and some turkey sausage and left out the fennel bulb.
Have a beautiful day!

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Mom of boys said...

So glad to hear what you are doing. We began Core F after Thanksgiving, and LOVE it! I think that they revamped all of the writing this year - I am doing Grade 3 with Philip and Grade 4/5 with Nicholas and it is all so much better.