Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quilting Virus

Some may say I already have this sickness in its various forms, but this is a new strain that is sweeping the quilting population. It is an epidemic.

Scrappy Trip Around the World

Epic in its ability to infect.

There is only one cure.

Make one.

The original tutorial is here and the funny thing is I had seen this long ago before it was viral.

You can see many of the versions people are making on Flickr. They are gorgeous.

And so here is the cure for this illness. I have gathered these pretty little fabrics above. They are a wonderful use for the fat eighth bundle of Marmalade that I mistakenly bought at the quilt show (minus the yellows since I thought I was going to use the bundle for something else and they have been used!).

They are cut. They are pressed. They are ready.

Let the treatment begin!

And on another happy note, our school morning went so much more smoothly today! The past couple of days we had ALL gotten too late of a start and we just have way too much to do for that. So I encouraged them all in the benefits of getting back to getting going like we used to. They were very pleased with the results this morning. Yay!

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