Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Andrew's First Holy Communion

Well, since I am such a diligent blogger, I totally forgot to post photos from Andrew's First Holy Communion.  

We celebrated with a lovely Mass on Saturday, May 4th.  The Mass was wonderful and our new Pastor, Father Jim, did such a wonderful job with the homily.  Just wonderful.

Of course, I boo hooed all the way up to Communion as I walked behind him.  Thankfully, our other priest, who knows me pretty well, saw and I know he understood.  It is such an awesome amazing moment.  Tears are totally appropriate!

 What a handsome Communicant!  We love you Andrew!

 The whole family in front of our beautiful altar.

 Andrew and our pastor, Father Jim.

 Andrew outside the church.

 Jacob, Andrew, and Michael - handsome boys.  Jacob got to serve at the Mass.

 A little dessert reception after the Mass.

 Andrew's cake.

Each of the children receive a real grown up Bible and case for their First Holy Communion.  What a treasure.  At some point during the BBQ that followed we couldn't find Andrew.  He was inside reading his Bible and underlining passages.  Precious!

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Laura said...

You took some beautiful photos of this most glorious day, Celeste!
I love the similarities of our families lately......our Jack just made his First Communion, celebrated his birthday, and received a "grown up" Bible also :)
Congratulations Andrew!!!!!