Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Braden turns three!!!!!!

Can you believe it?  I know I can't.  It is hard to believe my sweet baby is three years old.  It has been a joyous three years.  What a treasure he is!  He is such a funny, loving little boy.  He loves to play and imagine.  It is fun to watch him with Playmobil and cars.  He sure loves his big brothers and sister.  Today his big brothers went somewhere without him and he had such a sad face.  Poor baby.

His birthday was yesterday, but we had a wonderful, big family and friends party on Sunday to celebrate his birthday and Andrew's, who will celebrate a this next Monday!  Actually, it was a great excuse to get together with people we love!

Some serious eating and talking around the table.  And the cupcakes haven't been touched!

Some gathered around our new picnic table out in the back yard.

I think Braden ate his weight in chips.

Sweet friends playing AG dolls in Nicole's room.

And a very intense fame of fusbol(?)

A little basketball and spread in the driveway.  Fierce competitors.

Braden opened a few gifts, but his gifts from us were saved for hie "real" birthday.

When you give the boy a ball.......

I love how all the kids always hover when there are presents to be opened.  It was Andrew's turn for a few.

Here is Braden yesterday morning.  When he woke up I made homemade donuts for his birthday breakfast and then we opened presents.  He got some great "Gone Wanger" (Lone Ranger) items.

We had boxed mac and cheese for lunch (his pick) and then we ate dinner outside when it was cool and lovely.  We had sausage and pasta salad and beans and cheese.  And.......

Chocolate cake for desert.  And, of course, a little Blue Bell ice cream.  Mind you, that is not our entire selection on the table there.

Silly brothers.

And a happy family!

Next Monday we will be celebrating Andrew!  What a fun time family birthdays are.  I love how we have built our own traditions and how the kids look forward to them.  I pray they will be memories to treasure forever.

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Mom with His Grace said...

Happy Birthday, Bray-Bray! Sounds like a wonderful time celebrating the big three year old!