Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Princess! (a week late)

My little girl, my only little girl turned five last week. What a celebration we had!

Sadly I am just now creating her birthday post. When I realized I had forgotten to post this on her birthday, I began to feel guilty. Oh, what a bad mother am I!!!! But when I thought a moment more, I left the guilt behind. Because.......if the reason I forgot to blog her birthday is because we were busy celebrating her birthday, then that's just fine with me. The blog post can wait.

We celebrated with a super girly Flower Fairy Tea Party with her friends on Saturday and then had lots of fun on Sunday celebrating as our little family and with grandparents. She so enjoyed herself. She felt loved and special, just as she should.

Nicole, we love you. We love your strong will, your decisiveness - no one will ever walk all over this little girl! You are a sweet girl and pinker than pink itself. You epitomize pink. If it is pink, it must be made for you! You dance on your toes better than any little 5 year old ballerina I've ever seen. The care you give your baby brother comes from a precious, generous heart. We pray that you will grow in gentleness and grace and in love for Jesus.

You birthday was so much fun. May God bless you this year. We love you so much!

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Crafty Mom said...

Happy Birthday Nicole from your Ohio friends. She has grown into quite the little lady. I can't wait to see how our girly girls friendship blossoms.