Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mikey is ONE!!!!!

Yes. Yes. I know.

"What???? When did that happen?"

To be exact - at 10:16 this morning during Mass. We kept an eye on our watches and when the moment came around our little family gave hugs and kisses and told him "Happy Birthday". Even some of our friends in front of us did the same. It was a sweet moment.

Actually, "one" has happened all too fast. I cannot believe how this year has sped by. Michael has grown by leaps and bounds and brought us all so much joy and laughter along the way. Yesterday at his party, Brian said the blessing and then said something about how Michael has done things that no one else in this family has ever done. Namely, his latest skill learned this week - climbing on the kitchen chairs and crawling across the table. Aaaaah!

Michael even came into this world differently. He was trying very hard to be born sunny side up and mouth first. His little determination turned into a c-section. But in the end he arrived and he was/is perfect.

You are a sweet-natured, live wire, lovable little boy. You delight us in countless ways. You fit perfectly into this family where God placed you. Your brothers and sister adore you. Michael, we love you dearly and fervently! May God bless you, dear Mikey. May you grow in wisdom and age and grace before God and man.

Sweet son, Happy Birthday!

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Jill said...

Wow. You really did just have this boy yesterday!! This newest picture seems void of 'baby.' He seems like a little boy now. What a beautiful family you have.
Happy birthday to Nicole as well. Our kids share a great boys are the 24th and Aslynn is the 16th.
Cute fire truck cake!!