Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quilting Madness

It is madness. It has to be. I have no less than 7 quilts in different stages of completion on my work table. That's what's actually ON my work table. There are many more that are in drawers, etc. waiting to be started! I think I could probably not buy fabric for several years and not run out of things to do - but who would want to do that?

I recently posted below about a little mini quilt I was beginning. I have loved these wonderful little mini quilt patterns for several years, but have never bought one. I saw them again when I was at a shop in Lewisville over our evacuation. I decided to try and make my own. I had bought the reproduction fabrics below and designed a little quilt while I was an evacuee. Last night, I finished making all my little squares. This is how it will look - only smaller once I sew them all together (minus a 1/2 inch on each square). I love it!

Here's a photo so you can see the fabrics up close.

Then I began something else last night. I am so enamored by this paintbox quilt at a wonderful quilter's blog. I knew I wanted one! Then the other day when she offered a tutorial, I just about jumped for joy! I don't have the Kona cottons she has, but I decided it would be perfect for the Ava Rose fabrics I bought online. Another quilter was making her version so I thought it would surely work. The following two squares are my first ones. They are lovely and they were so easy and fun to make!

Well, I hope I have infected you all. It is a love!


Jamie said...

I wish you'd infect me...I have quilt squares I cut out 2 years ago just waiting in my closet for me to sew together!! (I cut recieving blankets from my children and my little sis and brother into squares)

Your fabric is beautiful!!! I love the color!!

You are SO talented!

Jamie said...

Ok, I have a question, do you sew the mini quilts together to make one big one?

You might have infected me....

Crafty Mom said...

So very pretty!! I can't believe how quickly you get all these little projects started.