Thursday, October 02, 2008

Join Us

Join us as we build and enjoy the progress. Pray for our house and us! There's also a link in the sidebar!

P.S. I decided to make it public.


Jamie said...

Celeste, thank you so much for leaving me a comment on my cooking blog. I rarely even check but tonight when thinking about putting a recipe on there, I thought "uh-oh, what if those nasty people find that blog and leave comments there?" So I looked and almost had a heart attack when I saw there were 8 comments! All good though.

You are so very sweet, thank you so much. This group was called CF Journal Hardcore (CF stands for Child Free and proud of it) Nice, huh? After about 75 nasty nasty comments between 2 posts, it just had to stop. If a group like this can find me (by accident I'm guessing) then who's to say a pornography group wouldn't do the same? I had to get my children off there. One man even said he wished I'd hit a tree and killed all my little DNA's!!!

I do have a private blog, I might just start posting there more often now, the only bad thing is google reader does not take those private blogs. I wish there was somehow Catholic Mothers Online could be private for members only to read. Maybe someday it will.

Thanks again, blessings to you!
My 4 year old's middle name is Celeste!

Jamie said...

I guess I forgot I already told you that my little girl's middle name is Celeste, sorry!!

Send me your email and I will send you an invite to my private blog. It's not as cool, it doesn't have recent comments or any extras yet, guess I will have to work on that, not sure it works on private ones though.

My email is:

PS great birthday pictures!! What a fun day!! The kids DO make birthdays so much more fun, don't they?