Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The best part of my day so far

Eating breakfast before 9 AM?

Nice, but nope.

Making salt dough letters with the kids?

Lots of fun, but no.

Having the master bathroom entirely clean all at one time for the first time in weeks?

Absolutely fantastic, but not it.

The best part of my day so far, BY FAR has been........

talking to a dear blogging friend on the telephone for the very first time!

Once upon a time, many months ago, she so lovingly and bravely shared her phone number with me. Then she shared it once again because I couldn't find it from the first time. :) I tucked it away, just waiting for the perfect day to surprise her with a call from me, her crazy virtual friend.

And so today, on a whim, I looked up her number and I was dialing before my brain new what had happened. So what made today the perfect day? Nothing at all. The house was calm (everyone was happy for the moment), things around here were relatively caught up and, well, I just felt like calling!!!! And, like I told her, congratulating her for her family's wonderful blessing via electronic media just wasn't cutting it anymore.

It was a wonderful call. In a silly, first-date sort of way, I am almost didn't know what to talk about. And that is coming from me - the one who almost never has nothing to say. We chatted about the small stuff, laughed and then ended the call before any one of our random children had an opportunity to explode.

I am so glad I called. Hearing her voice was so much fun. I feel like I know her just a little better now. I pray her impression of me is still favorable.

What a happy afternoon. I am blessed to have her as a friend. I am so blessed to know so many of you, even if only virtually.

God bless you all and thank you for always encouraging me in so many ways.

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Melissa said...

Celeste, seeing this post brought happy tears to my eyes! Talking to you earlier was, BY FAR, the best part of my day, too!!! :)

And don't impression of you will ALWAYS be much more than favorable!

I'm so glad you called. I'm looking forward to talking to you again soon! Hope you're enjoying the rest of your fun day!