Monday, October 01, 2007

St. Therese, pray for us

St. Therese, the little
flower, please pick me
A rose from the heavenly
garden and it to
Me with a message of love
ask God to grant me the
Favor I thee implore and
tell him I will love
Him each day more and more.

What a wonderful saint to be celebrating today! She is one of my favorites, as I know she is for many of you. We have many little activities planned for today to honor her, celebrate her and to make us want to be more like her. Help us, St. Therese, to follow your Little Way.

What we have done already:

* Made a lovely display to help us remember her today.
* Read about her in one of our saint books.
* Said a prayer at breakfast.
* Made sacrifice beads.
* Listened to our Glory Story about her.
* Listened to the rosary CD while making the sacrifice beads.

For later:

* Read another book with Jacob and Nicole.
* Color a picture.
* Watch parts of the Therese movie.
* Finish our novena.

Update: We never got around to the movie or the coloring page, but that's OK. We had a wonderful day! I think I will file the coloring page away for next year (my new filing system for feasts and holidays) and maybe postpone the movie until Friday night with pizza!

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Melissa said...

Sounds like a perfectly lovely day!