Monday, October 01, 2007


OK!!!!!! Enough! Enough! These ladies have me hooked! Hooked on beauty. Hooked on learning. Hooked!

I am entranced and enthralled by what the ladies at Serendipity are doing. It is a new website from Elizabeth Foss and Katherine Johnson. I have been reading all about fairies and fall at Elizabeth's blog and I am in love. We got one flower fairy book from the library and like I said before, we adored it. It is magical!

So tonight I ordered these in my monthly order:

Christopher's Harvest Time
Flower Fairies Alphabet
Fairies: Petal People You Make Yourself

And from the library:
The Complete Book of Flower Fairies
Home Sweet Home: A Little Book of Fairy Dwellings

Tomorrow I hope to do some of this with Nicole.

Enjoy a little fairy dust here and there!


Crafty Mom said...

Okay, now you have me dying to go find some of these at our library. I keep trying to remember to look for these when I am doing my weekly library ordering, but I always have so many school related things I am looking for that I forget.

Imagine that, a forgetful mother!!!

Melissa said...

Okay, Celeste, now you've got ME falling absolutely in love with the beauty and magic! I clicked over to Amazon after reading this post and see SO many books that would make great Christmas presents for Caitlyn! Fairy paper dolls! Sparkly sticker books! These combined with a lovely book like "The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies" or "Flower Fairies Alphabet"...oh my goodness! I've got some serious shopping to do! :)

Thank you so much for sharing this new found love with us!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for your very kinds words. I hope you all fall in love with the books!

Katherine in TX said...

Just as Elizabeth said, I too hope you enjoy the beautiful books as much as I am enjoying them with my children.

Jill said...

Hi Celeste-
I was just reading the discussion over at Danielle's blog and wanted to say that I thought your response was GREAT! Glad you shared.