Monday, October 08, 2007

With all my heart

That is how much I love Brian. With all my heart. WAMH.

In rereading some posts recently, I was struck by the one I wrote called, "Mending Socks." What I hope and pray is that it did not shed a bad light on Brian or our marriage. That is NEVER my purpose on this blog. I am SOOOO not in favor of any husband bashing of any kind, whether to family or friends, or even strangers on a blog. My blog is not a place to complain. I want it to be a place of fun, ideas and sharing. I do like to share my daily difficulties in hopes of encouraging others and aiding me in seeing how I can do better. But even that I hope to do in a fun and reflective manner.

That said, let me go on to say that my marriage and the husband God blessed me with are nothing short of "my heart's greatest desires." I always dreamed of finding the perfect husband, being happily married and having precious children. And that is so what I got. I could not be happier. Yes, life is life and none of us in this family are perfect, but we love each other, we serve each other and we are pretty darn happy! There is nowhere else I would rather be.

When I wrote that post I was feeling inspired by Danielle's topic and felt convicted about how much more I could be doing to love and serve my dear Brian. I was really feeling that I needed to be more giving. When I wrote about me changing and our marriage changing and Brian changing too as a result, I did not mean to imply that "everybody sure needs a lot of changing around here." What I hoped to convey was that when I change how I love and serve and give and when I change my attitude, things can only get better and happier. That kind of life-giving love is contagious and magnetic. If I do these things, our love can only grow and get better and better. That's what we want - right?

The post was meant to be about me and what I could use to change. I am not a horrible wife and mother, but I can improve. I can be a force in affecting how happy we all can be. I cannot pretend that I don't need to change. Even the saints were always quick to recognize where they needed to grow more, sin less, be more holy. I am so far from sainthood. So very very far.

I want to love more. I want to complain and nag and demand less. I want to be selfless not selfish in my acts of love. All this can only make our happy home life happier. This is a Great Adventure, one I could not be happier to be on.

I love my little family WAMH!


Melissa said...

Oh, Celeste, what a beautiful post! And I LOVED the one on "mending socks", too! I did not think that it in any way shed a negative light on Brian or your blessed marriage. Quite the contrary...I thought it showed a perfect example of how it's the "little things" that are really the glue of great marriages! Everything you write about your family, whether about your dear husband or children, always just shines with the obvious love and respect you have for them! You are a GREAT wife and mom!

And what you said about not being a horrible wife or mother, but being able to improve, rang so true with me. Lately I have to really stop and remind myself of how much my mood and attitude influence and impact the rest of my family. As Darren often lovingly reminds me (in jest, of course!): "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" :)

Have a great day on your Great Adventure, Celeste. Much, much love to you!

mom-in-training said...

Ditto what Melissa said! I didn't sense any negativity toward Brian or your marriag in the "mending socks" post. I thought it was very well written and a reminder to us all about the importance of little acts of love towards our spouses. I know I haven't done nearly enough for Bill lately. It's easy to get caught up in our own agendas and forget to take time out for our loved ones, especially our husbands. I loved your "mending socks" post and I loved this one, too. You are always the source of inspiration!

And speaking of using one's blog to complain, you may have noticed I'm guilty of doing just that! I've thought about it all day - my most recent post was certainly not the positive, uplifting type of post I should be posting (covering head in shame)... Feel assured, you are not guilty of negative posting!!! :)

He who wears the most black wins. said...

SO, so beautiful. So, so true.

This is me, thanking you. You are an inspiration and source of positivity always. Even if something seems challenging for you, you always seem to acknowledge the gift as well.

Much love to you AND that DH that you love WAYH. ;)