Monday, October 08, 2007

Fall Sprang

(Clever title courtesy of Brian - thanks, dear one)

This weekend fall become a reality. Not outside. Inside. Outside it is still quite balmy and summery, but that is normal for here this time of year. Give it a few weeks and maybe some of those fronts will make their way all the way down here.

The kids asked so sweetly that I couldn't resist the fun of getting down the fall decorations and arranging them in their places.

For a week or two I have had this arrangement on our kitchen table - mini pumpkins and gourds in an old enamelware bowl from my Aunt. I love it! It is so fall. It is so my kitchen. (It is still patiently awaiting the fall table runner to sit upon.)

On Saturday, amidst little ones tossing fall flowers, leaves and paper pumpkins from the box that once housed them, I was able (with their help) to arrange our displays. They really enjoyed seeing it all go up. They got plastic window clings and paper decorations to place in their room. Not to mention a glowing plastic jack-o-lantern. It seems fall is everywhere we turn, but here are just a few highlights.

The right side of our mantel. A mix of pumpkins I've collected (fabric, straw, plastic, wax and wood) and lots of artificial leaves and nuts and stuff.

The left side. More of the same mixture and a lamp that's always there.

The table beside the sofa. I pulled out the usual flowers from the crock and replaced them with fall colored artificial mums. You can so cleverly see my cardboard pumpkins in the background.

The entry hall. Garland, wax swag, etc.

My little fall corner. I was inspired by this lovely lady and her enticing stack of autumn magazines. So I carved out a little space for the same. I had one fall magazine already and I bought a couple more. Some cardboard decorations are attached to the cabinet doors. And, of course, Mary stands nearby to focus any little bit of time I might stop by and flip through my magazines and enjoy the space. I might even need a fall mug to add to my corner. What fun! It is so much about the little things.


Jill said...

Thanks for getting me into the fall spirit. Wow! LOVELY!!

mom-in-training said...

It's all so beautiful!!! I really need to finish my decorating. I saw a package of pumpkins and goards at the store Sunday night and thought about getting them for a table arrangement, but I didn't. I may just have to go back and buy them afterall. Your arrangment is absolutely gorgeous! Don't you just love this beautiful, festive time of year!!! :)

Laura W. said...

I love the Autumnal decorations in your home, especially the bowl of gourds and pumpkins on your table and your mantle display!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!