Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not much brain left

That is, I have not much brain left to write anything terribly worth reading.

Mikey went to the doctor this afternoon for a lingering illness (we've all been sick). I almost hugged our wonderful pediatrician when he told me that Michael definitely had an ear infection. No, no. I don't love that my son is sick. It's just so nice to not hear "Yep, it's just a virus." It seems every time we decide to go that's what I get. At least this time there is a fixable reason for his utter crankiness and lovely yellow snotty nose!

And on a funny note... Andrew was out helping Jacob and Brian clean up more tree branches last night. He came in a little earlier than expected, especially since he is this incredibly natural little worker/helper. He literally lights up when there's a job to do, especially if it involves working with his Daddy.

"Mommy I didn't clean up much sticks tonight," said Andrew.

"Oh, really? How come?"

"Well, Mommy, I was having fun and then I heard some beezing noises."

"Oh, I see," I nodded with a smile and a giggle.

Makes sense to me, but then I am his Mommy.



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