Monday, December 14, 2009

Hanging On

This sickness, I mean.

Yes, we still have sickness here. It hit Nicole the hardest (I think because she was exhausted and worn out from Nutcracker) and her 104.6 spike in temp last Wednesday late night warranted a visit to the doctor. By then Andrew had a fever too so I took him along for the "two-fer" special. Andrew threw up in the exam room - so much fun. I think that was a combination of not eating much, having a fever and watching out the windows four stories up for too long. :) They swabbed Nicole for flu - negative - and checked her for several other things. Just arrived at the conclusion it was a bad virus. She was better finally by Friday afternoon, but she is still tired and bit whiny. Andrew and Michael developed barking coughs last Thursday or Friday - Michael first with no fever attached. Andrew had breathing issues early Saturday morning, but that was resolved and did not recur the next morning. Their coughs sound better now - not barky - but now Michael decided to run some fever last night during the night. So here we are, a week later, and still chugging along. Today we resumed school for the older ones so we can get a good bit accomplished before Christmas. We'll see how that goes. I am praying Jacob stays sickness free as he has so far. Saturday is his birthday party with friends. Even through all this virus stuff, there is still hope. After all it is Advent. There is cause for hope. There is joy in seeing that God never lets us down, never abandons us. It could be far worse - right? Happy Third Week of Advent!

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