Monday, December 07, 2009

My Little Rat

Yes, this is my precious daughter! This is her first season to dance the Nutcracker with our local ballet company, Bay Area Houston Ballet & Theater. She auditioned way back in August for a part and was awarded a rat part! She has been rehearsing most every weekend since the end of September and last Thursday, the first performance day had arrived. Over a two weekend period she dances a total of eight shows, 4 school performances and 4 public performances. We got to see her last Thursday in her second school performance. We had so much fun watching her on stage even though we couldn't see her pretty face. The scene with the rats is such a fun one - very comical in many ways. She has loved performing and has 4 more shows this weekend. The ballet is extremely beautiful and very professional. Many times lately she has said, "I wonder what I will be next year!" We shall see!

Lots of little rats back stage! It was so hard to tell who was who!

A very thrilled little rat after the performance - Mommy knew she would love another Nutcracker. She has been carrying it around ever since.


Crafty Mom said...

And such a cute little rat she has been! I can't wait to see her perform on stage Thursday.

mom-in-training said...

I second Kris' comment; she makes a very cute rat! And her performance was fantastic! I just loved the huge smile on her face when we saw her after the performance, a smile made even bigger by her mom's sweet Nutcracker gift. And already thinking about next year - you know she's loving it!