Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I see the pounds coming!

Yesterday afternoon and evening, I paged through Christmas cookbooks, Christmas magazines and recipes and made my Christmas baking list. I am either positively ambitious or positively dumb for making such an extensive list.

M & M Cake Cookies (made these last week - we ate some and I froze the rest)

Mama's Sugar Cookies (next week with a friend and her family)

Grandmother's Fudge

Cherry Almond Bars or Raspberry Bars (not sure yet)

Sandies and/or Jam Thumbprints

Orange Sable Cookies (I might drop the Sandies for these - Brian requested something orange)

Chocolate Covered Ritz (we bought a premade box at Kroger and Nicole and I fell in love - so easy to recreate)

And, of course, once Jessica mentioned Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispie Peanut Butter Balls yesterday and then posted the recipe today, those were quickly added to the list. I had everything to just make a half batch. So easy! You could even add Christmas sprinkles on top for fun. And.......well, I took a sneaky bite before they were completely set and I would have to say THEY ARE WELL WORTH MAKING!!!!

I so love Christmas baking. But seeing as I have my monthly OB appointment tomorrow (almost 16 weeks), I think I will postpone the rest of my Christmas poundage until after I weigh in. Won't have to see that darned scale till mid January!

Also, I am making a soup in the crockpot today that just seems like it will be wonderful. I'll let you know.

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