Monday, December 07, 2009

It really did snow!

Well, you have to look closely at the above photo to see it, but it really did snow here in Houston. What a wonderful thing! These photos are from around two in the afternoon - about the last time it snowed for the day. It snowed much more that morning, but we were at our homeschool co-op and not at home. The kids all got to see the snow at co-op and were thrilled at the huge flakes that were falling! It wasn't cold enough where we were for the snow to stick at all. It seems more of the snow fell and stayed on the ground to the slight north and west of us. So it wasn't quite as good as our December snow last year, but we'll take it anyway. I just hope the kids don't get too used to this down here in Houston.

After all, we don't have white Christmases in Houston!
Photos from last year's Dec. 11th snow and our actual ONE White Christmas in 2004!

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